All of us get perceived by others in one way or the other. Our general tendency is to blame others for the way they perceive us or look at us. However, the fact is that we and only we are to be blamed for how others perceive us because their perception is based on the cues that we are sending out through our appearance and behaviour.

First Impressions are impressions that strangers form of you within first 3-5 seconds of meeting you. They look at only one aspect of you, just like getting snapshots, and form impression about your overall personality. It’s all about looking at few visible elements and forming a personality sketch from them rapidly. Sounds unfair, right? But unfortunately this is the fact of scrutiny that we all go through and we all operate at while judging others too.

Now the question is, which of these elements do you display and are you aware of the ones that you display? Is there more to you than you currently display?

Of course, there are facets about you that you yourself are not fully aware of. Add to this the fact that you don’t always know the facets that you display. Some of your strengths remain hidden while the stranger sees tiny weaknesses which you would rather not want them to see. So it’s important to be aware of the aspects that you display and the aspects that you would want to display so that others form a powerful First Impression of you.

The way others perceive us also depends on their own experiences, knowledge, culture, attitude, etc., what they consider important in the given situation and the characteristics they want to see in you. However, you can guide their perception with the help of visual cues through right clothing and behaviour.

Does it seem like a mammoth task to you? Like it or not, you can’t run away from it. While good impressions last long, negative impressions are particularly tough to correct. It is something that you engage in every time you meet somebody. Since there is no way out of it, might as well do it right and create powerful positive impression about ourselves. All it takes is willingness, awareness, knowledge and practice.

Best wishes for all the future perceptions that others form of you. May you get it right all the timeJ.