Wow! You again came across this advertisement that’s tempting you with irresistible sale offer. Cannot wait to head out solo or with your best buddies to grab the best deal. Isn’t it? But wait! Have you got your shopping strategies right? Well, please don’t confuse me to be a snooty diva who looks down upon ‘Sale’. I am all for the good bargains and great deals at fabulous prices. In fact there are high chances that you might find me first at the queue at these places. All I am trying to say is that Please have a shopping objective, strategy, and action plan in place and don’t head out blindly to grab the deal just because something is available at lesser price.

First of all, do minute inspection of your closet and inventory to figure out what is it that you need to buy. If you buy something that you already have, your new purchase is actually going to lie around wasted like a wardrobe orphan. So only buy the things that will serve your purpose. Accumulating things that you might never use is a complete wastage of resource. It will only fill you with guilt and stress every time you see it. Plus there will be an added responsibility of disposing it off in a rightful manner. So steer clear of such unwanted stress. You already have a lot of stress to manage.

If it’s the first day of the sale, be prepared to encounter looooong never ending waiting queues for trial rooms and billing counter. To avoid this crazy frenzy and save upon some precious time, you are advised to make a trip to the store a day or two prior to the sale and try out clothing items. This way you will know exactly what item to look out for and buy on the day of sale.

Dress sensibly for your shopping trip. Wear comfortable footwear and cloth that will be easy to remove and put on so that your trial expeditions don’t exhaust you completely. Do fix your hair neatly and wear some make up. Only when you look good, will anything that you try also look good on you. Have a good breakfast or meal before you head out shopping. Being hungry or too full will not do you any good and leave you frustrated and tired. And yes, in case you plan to buy an item that needs to be paired with something that you already have, please carry that item along so that you can pair it up properly while trying rather than relying on your memory and committing some grave mistake.

Now that you are clear about what you need to buy, do remember to try out the product before buying it. Also, quality is of utmost importance. Do not compromise on the quality as it is something that makes or breaks your ‘Image’. If you have doubt about some product, sleep over it. There is no need to buy anything in a rush and repent later. Don’t bow down under fear that what if all of it gets sold out by the time you decide. Well, if it gets sold out, probably it wasn’t meant to be bought by you as that’s why you were having doubt about it at the first place. And also now you have scope to buy something better and more useful. However, sleeping over something doesn’t mean you keep on postponing the decision making for endless time and take eons to make any decision. That’s not good either. Make your decision and move on in life.

If you are buying anything online, because online deals are all the more tempting, do go through the product specifications carefully. It might be wise to buy accessories and makeup items online rather than clothes as the look and feel of cloth is very different in a picture and when actually tried on. Before buying makeup products it will be good if you check them out at a retail outlet first. Same can be true for clothes and accessories as well and when you are sure about its fit and quality, there is no harm ordering it online. You might think that these online portals have good return policies, but trust me you don’t want to get caught in this order-return-reorder cycle. So it’s better to do your due diligence. Home accessories, handbags, books, toys, electronics items, etc are always good online purchases.

With these basic strategies, head on for your shopping spree and make most of your effort and resources. I am sure these tips will be useful and you can thank me for them at leisure J. Take care. Happy shopping.