Our clientele includes 8 years olds to 80 years olds, students to CEOs, home makers to professionals, the entire plethora of people in varied permutations and combinations from all walks of life, of all shapes, sizes and lifestyles.

Some of the people we have helped and worked with are those who:

  • Were returning to workplace after a sabbatical.
  • Had recently become mother and were struggling with body changes and self esteem issues.
  • Were going abroad for higher education and wanted to create right impression.
  • Felt undervalued either in their workplace.
  • Felt undervalued at their home.
  • Spent lot of time and money on buying clothes and accessories and still failed to make the desired impact.
  • Were confused and did not know what worked for them and what didn’t.
  • Had got promoted and had to look lot more credible and in tune with their new profile.
  • Were hesitant to attend fine dining events, especially with people from multiple nationalities.
  • Desired to look stylish all the time, but didn’t know how.
  • Wanted to be positively perceived by their peer group.
  • Wanted to skip social events and avoid meetings new people out of fear of not knowing what to wear and how to behave.
  • Wanted to fit into their strata of high society.
  • Completed studies and were joining work force but did not know what formal dressing is all about.
  • Wanted to meet prospective grooms/ brides and did not know what was expected of them.
  • Were relocating to another country and wanted to fit into the new social fabric.
  • Were newly divorced and wanted to date new people.


*We are sensitive towards our client’s preferences; hence we maintain utmost confidentiality about our clients and their consulting packages.