Students and Teenagers

Who said being a student is easy! It is in fact the most challenging phase of your life. In today’s world of extreme competition and peer pressure, it is a challenge to fit in and yet stand out. Grades are no more the only deciding factor for your success. Your overall personality has an equally important role in giving you that winning edge over others. Your inner image and self esteem play a very important role in shaping your personality.

However, do not despair. All you need is a helping hand and a guide to show you the right way and prepare you for the future.

We, at Aspirio Global Image and Soft Skills Consulting, have prepared a special programme for students and young adults. It will transform you into a confident, holistic individual equipped with adequate skills, business etiquette, communication skills, and clothing awareness that every university and workplace demands in today’s times.

One-on-one (Individual) Consulting:

  • Body Language
  • Presentation Skills
  • Personal Style Analysis
  • Basic Grooming
  • Social and Dining Etiquette
  • International Style Scale Awareness
  • Self Esteem and Positive Body Image
  • Abroad Ready and more…

Lectures or Seminars for Educational Institutions:

  • Importance of First Impression and Visual Communication
  • Interview Skills
  • Confidence Building and Higher Self Esteem
  • Self Presentation Techniques for Interviews
  • Corporate Dress Code, Protocol, and Etiquette
  • How to make a Well-Rounded CV
  • Body Language
  • Social and Business Etiquettes and more…

*We can customise a programme to meet your specific requirement.