I approached Manisha when I decided to get back to corporate life. It was my second innings and I wanted to start with a bang making the best impression at work. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process of wardrobe evaluation with Manisha. It was quite an eye-opener. The information regarding the international style scale and classic dressing is going to be of great help and save me from unnecessary stress in future.

Rakhi Prasad

Director – Operations, Matrix Partners, India

Hey Manisha, I have even complimented you earlier that I really love the way you talk. You catch hold of everyone’s attention by your sheer presence. You are very inspiring and I really like the way you share all the knowledge and information. I would like to be like you one day so that even I can inspire others around me just the way you have inspired me and so many others like me.

Sheetal Mehta

Home Maker and Fashion Designer

It was indeed a privilege to have you with us for your highly interesting workshop on “Business Etiquette Building”. I would like to thank you for sparing your valuable time and enlightening our students. I am sure that the knowledge they have gained from this workshop will contribute positively in shaping up their future. Thanking you once again and looking forward to associating with you in the future too.

Shalini R. Sinha

Vice Principal, K.C. College , Convenor, CPCA

Manisha Mishra is a very good listener and that helped me to open up with her about certain aspects of our organisational challenges. We were also facing some employee related issues. With her understanding of the subject and experience, she and her team has helped us overcome our limitations to a great extent. Sky is the limit now.

Head- Sales and Marketing, FMCG Company

Being my 50th Birthday and a landmark year of my life, I decided to gift myself something special. So I contacted Aspirio Global Image and Soft Skills Consulting for Image Management. I must say it was the start of an ongoing journey which changed my perspective towards style, colours, dressing and much more. It brought an increased awareness and freshness into my thinking regarding dressing which I use today to make my choices. To sum it up it has been an extremely enjoyable and interesting journey.

Roma Parikh


An interaction with Manisha Mishra regarding the nuances of Image Management has been highly informative. The best part that I liked was the awareness that we all keep communicating certain image about ourselves all the time, but we are not consciously aware of it. The real success lies in how you manage it in the right way. I think all of us need to become consciously aware about our ‘Image’ and learn the tricks and tips to manage it well.

Vinay Chopra

Chartered Accountant, Mumbai, India

I would like to share my experience of image consulting with Manisha Mishra. The impression I had about Image Consulting was quite superficial. I thought it was more to do with just the external appearance, which seemed rather shallow to me. But during the entire process of my consultation with Manisha, my perspective of image makeover took a 360 degree turn. It is such an in-depth program right from your mental makeup, the profession you are in, the image you want to create…..so on. So it wasn’t just about dressing and only dressing. I became very clear to me as to what message my clothes need to give in tandem with the purpose of my work, any event or occasion. Right from my hygiene, my haircut, my makeup; how they have to match my persona, all these things became crystal clear. Now there’s no confusion whenever I plan for shopping formals, casuals or dresses. Not that I didn’t know this earlier but the level of clarity has increased many times. I am so happy and sorted as my inner self and outer self are projecting just the same image. I even looked up to Manisha as a person who carries and conducts herself well, apt for every occasion. Thank you dearest Manisha, for your fabulous tips and thank you for introducing me to the entire concept of my image management.

Meenakshi Jain


Excellent session by Manisha on manners and soft skills for children from underprivileged section of our society. Looking forward to more sessions from you Manisha!!

Social Connect Team

Mrs Mishra gives a very practical approach to deal with Image Management. She is very grounded, helpful, and inspirational. With her guidance and handholding, learning has become a holistic and extremely enjoyable process. I feel lot more confident about myself.

Alok Sahani


Manisha Mishra is one of the most stylish persons I have ever come across. Her knowledge about styling and appropriateness is remarkable. She not only helped me to discover myself but has also helped me to identify and develop my individual personal style.

Sonali Mehta


Manisha is a warm, wonderful and caring person. She is extremely comfortable to interact with. Her knowledge of Image Management is thorough and deep. I would definitely recommend Manisha to anybody who wants to overhaul his or her image or learn more about the subject.

Tanaz Hingorani

Life and Health Coach

Manisha is a very classy person. She has excellent communication skills. She is brilliant in her training skills and is very professional in her work. She can read your mind and help you analyse yourself very well. There is lot more to her inspiring personality and I can simply go on and on.

Almas Nathani

Professional Makeup Artist

With a personality to charm and knowledge that takes you to a whole new level, Ms. Manisha Mishra is a complete package, both as a trainer as well as a consultant. Understanding and patient, she is always ready to help you become the best version of yourself. I have gained and learnt a lot from her, her personal style, and dedication.

Jade Fernandes

Image Management Student, ICBI, Mumbai